This group of windows depicts three glorious events in the life of Christ as He carries out God’s plan of salvation for mankind.  On the right is the crucifixion scene.

This window is in memory of Casper REUTZEL (born 14 January 1821 in Gelnhaar, Hesse Darmstadt; died 19 August 1901 in Fort Smith).  He was married first to Catharina JAGUER (born ca 1819; died 6 August 1853 in Fort Smith); married second to Caroline BECKEL (born 29 March 1834-35 in Hesse Darmstadt; died 15 June 1905 in Fort Smith).  It was donated by Caroline BECKEL REUTZEL.  Among known living descendants are:  Great grandchildren, Charles Victor BRACHT, Galveston, Texas; Doris K. JENKINS, North Little Rock Arkansas; Mrs. John (Lorena LONG) HOHENGARTEN, Downey, California; William L. LONG, Downey, California; Mrs. Ted (Betty Louise REUTZEL) FELLINGER, Farmington, Arkansas, Charles REUTZEL, Fort Smith, Arkansas; Mrs. Reedy (Mary Frances REUTZEL) BUZBEE, Fort Smith, Arkansas; Mrs. George Doris SPOOR WEIGAND, Orange, California, Mrs. Fred (Mary Louise SPOOR) SCHWINN, Earlton, New York; Mrs. Lorenz (Ruby SPOOR) KRUCKENBERG, Orange, California; Edgar Leroy SPOOR Orange, California; great-great grandchildren, Bettie Jane JONES, Houston, Texas; Carl LONG, Jr., Plano, Texas; Gary LONG, Santa Ana, California; Richard LONG, Atlanta, Georgia; Sharon LONG, Fort Smith, Arkansas.


On the left Christ is shown as He ascends into heaven to rule over all things in the intrest of His Church.  He has completed His work of salvation.

The Ascension Window is in memory of Benedict STEBLER (born 1 January 1832 in Bern, Canton Wyler, Switzerland; died 13 November 1883 in Fort Smith).  He was married to Sophie SPEAKER (born 14 August 1849 in Mecklenburg, Germany; died 1 May 1939 in Fort Smith).  The window was donated by Sophie SPEAKER STEBLER in her husband’s memory.  Among known living descendants are:  Grandchildren, Arthur Henry DICK, Waldron, Arkansas; Mrs. Raymond (Irene SCHMIEDING) SCHAAP,  Fort Smith; MRS. H.T. (Rosalie SCHMIEDING) PLATT, Fort Smith; Great grandchildren, Major David Arthur DICK, Grand Forks, North Dakota; Mrs. Robert (Carolyn DICK) PFLUEGER, Fulton, Missouri; Mertha Ann GREEN WOOD, Fort Smith; Raymond SCHAAP, Jr., Little Rock, Arkansas; Mrs. Ron (Martha SCHAAP) fFANT, Union City, Tennessee.


In the center window His appearance to the women at His glorious resurrection from the dead is portrayed. Notice the open tomb in the background. He is shown holding the white banner with the red cross.  This is the banner of victory, as He is the victor over sin, death, and grave.  The rose window above the resurrection scene shows Christ rescuing the lost sheep—each of us.  This has happened through His death and rescurrection.

The two central panels are in memory of the Reverend Martin L. WYNEKEN, first pastor of the church, who served from 1868 to 1875.  They were donated by the young people of the church.  Among Pastor WYNEKEN’s known living descendants are: Grandsons, the Rev. Alan WYNEKEN, Torrance, California; the Reverend Gerald E. WYNEKEN, Stillwater, Oklahoma.

The left panel was memorialized at a later date to John SCHAAP (born 1852, died 10 February 1934 in Fort Smith) and his wife, Mary MELKERSMANN (born 1855 in Alsace-Lorraine; died 31 August 1909 in Fort Smith).  Among known living descendants are:  Grandchildren, Mary Elizabeth SCHAAP, Raymond SCHAAP, John SCHAAP, Ben SCHAAP, Jr. (all of Fort Smith); Wilhelmina SCHAAP BARTELS of St. Louis, and Mrs. Felix (Hildegard SCHAAP) KRETZSCHMAR of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin; great grandchildren, Donald R. SCHAAP, Fort Smith; the Rev. Ben Fred SCHAAP, Ill, Benton, Arkansas; Mrs. Randy (Sally SCHAAP) COLEMAN, Fort Smith; Raymond SCHAAP, Jr., Little Rock, Arkansas; Mrs. Ron (Martha SCHAAP) FANT, Union City, Tennessee; John SCHAAP, Jr., Fort Smith

The right panel was memorialized at a later date to the Rev. Karl KRETZSCHMAR, pastor of the church from 1924 to 1938 (born 17 November 1877; died 21 December 1938 in Fort Smith) and his wife Frances (born 27 January 1876; died 24 October 1940 in Tulsa, Oklahoma).  Among known living descendants are:  Children, Gertrude KRETZSCHMAR TAUSCHER, Knoxville, Tennessee; Irma KRETZSCHMAR TOTHAM, Laguna Beach, California; Karl KRETZSCHMAR, Jr., California; the Rev. Felix KRETZSCHMAR, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

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