West Transcept

West Windows of Transcept

The large central window is the nativity scene depictiing the humble birth of Christ.  The rose window above the nativity scene shows Christ with the rod and crown of thorns.  Here He is presented as the suffering Christ who bears the sin of mankind.


The two central panels of the Nativity Window were presented by the Young Ladies Guild.  The left panel is in memory of Christiana GROBER HESS, second wife of Vennanz HESS (orn 10 Marsh 1810 in Wuerttemberg; died 26 April 1871 in Fort Smith).  She was born 20 October 1820 in Prussia; died 22 August 1892 in Fort Smith.  The panel was donated by her daughters, Mrs. Frank (Rosina HESS) FREER, Alvina HESS and Anna HESS.  There are no living descendants of this marriage.


The right ;anel is in memory of George HECHLER (born 28 February 1828 in Darmstadt; died 3 October 1885 in Fort Smith) and his wife, Henriette GROBER HECHLER (born 2 August 1832 in Obermollern, Saxony; died 14 October 1887 in Fort Smith).  The panel was placed by their daughter, Mrs. henry (Anna HECHLER) DOEPEL, Sr.  Among known living descendants are:  Grandson, Frank DOEPEL, Memphis, Tennessee; great grandson, Carl Henry DOEPEL, Dallas, Texas.


To the right is the scene of our Lord praying in the Garden of Gethsemane.


This window is in memory of Samuel BOLLINGER (born ca 1827-29 in Basel, Switzerland; died 22 January 1885 in Fort Smith).  He married Emilie Friederike grober (born 3 April 1838 in Spielberg, Saxony; died 18 February 1931 in Forrt Smith).  The window was donated by their son, R.C. BOLLINGER.  Among known liviing descendants are :  Grandchildren, Mrs. Eric (Evelyn MEISTER) NELSON and Mrs. John (Salome MEISTER) BARRET, both of Fort Smkth; Edward Eugene BRISCOE of San Antonio, Tesxas; great grandchildren, Eric NELSON, Jrl, Dallas, Texas; Mrs. Bob (Mary Louise BOAS) APPLE of Houston, Texas; Mrs. M.W. (Elizabeth BOAS) MIZELL, Roseburg, Oregon; Leroy BOAS, Jr., Pine Bluff, Arkansas; Doris HIGGS KAUFFMAN, Fort Smith.


To the left is the figure of Christ as the Good Shepherd.  It reflects our Lord’s concern for each sheep and lamb of His Flock.


The Good Shepherd Window is in memorhy of Mrs. Pauline GEIGER WILLIAMS (born 25 January 1853 in Fort Smith; died 26 March 18987 in Fort Smith).  It was placed by her husband, Samuel Andrew williams (born 24 January 1841 in Chareleston, South Carolina; died 21 March 1922 in Fort Smith).  No living descendants are known to this writer.


Notice the frequent use of the symbols of the three lilies, signifying resurrectiion to new life in purity, innocence and heavenly bliss.  Also used frequentlyh throughout the stained glass windows is the symbol of the fish, the bodyh of which may be discerned throughout the tracery in the windows.  The fish is probably the oldest symbol of Christ.  The first letter of of each word in the phrase “Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior” spelled the Greek word for fish.  The sign of the fish identified a person as a Christian during the early days of persecution.

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