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Middle School Day

8:00am - 3:10pm

Drop of at or after 7:30am in gym

Early Drop-Off Option available at 7:00am

Kindergarten-6th Grade

$60/month (includes breakfast item)


Aftercare option available until 5:30pm

Kindergarten - 6th Grade


Annual Family Enrollment of $40

2023-2024 Calendar

2024-2025 Calendar

2023-2024 Tuition Rates

2024-2025 Tuition Rates


Samuel Fishburn: Principal



Casey Cowan: 5th Grade Homeroom/Band/Music - EMAIL

Brianne Myers:  6th Grade Homeroom


Heather Paulus: 7th/8th Grade Homeroom - EMAIL


Jamie Brown: Art - EMAIL

Yolie Edwards: Spanish - EMAIL

Jeanna Lee: Physical Education Coach





Middle School Religion classes at 1st Lutheran School are taught by local LCMS Lutheran pastors (Rev. John Merrill of 1st Lutheran Church, Rev. Joshua Willadsen of Bethel Lutheran Church, and Rev. Dr. Richard Davenport our Our Redeemer Lutheran Church), and cover a wide range of topics through an in-depth, discussion-based examination of the Scriptures. During their time at 1st Lutheran, our Middle School students will not only be exposed to a wide range of Old Testament and New Testament "highlights" (i.e. those stories of the Bible which would be considered most important for developing biblical literacy and broad understanding of the Scriptures), but will also be exposed to the teachings of Martin Luther's Small Catechism, classes on apologetics and the defense of our Christian faith, and much more.


We continue our use of the Saxon Math curriculum in middle school and offer classes through Algebra I. Saxon Math provides a learning structure proven to advance students steadily and assuredly to higher levels of understanding. To master mathematics, students need to build on prior learning—what new concepts they can learn depends on which concepts they already know. In our curriculum, concepts from every math strand are woven together and connected throughout the year. Skills or concepts are reinforced throughout the years, helping students build a strong foundation of understanding.


Language Arts is a combination of reading instruction, English grammar, and spelling. Reading focuses on critically engaging with both classical and modern literature. In English, students learn grammar and apply it to their writing. Spelling is also taught in 5th and 6th grade.


Our science program seeks to foster students’ curiosity about the natural world while maintaining a Christian worldview. Middle school students study life science, earth science, and physical science. Principles of STEM are woven throughout each discipline of science. Study skills and content knowledge are also emphasized in order to prepare students for high school course.


Social Studies education in middle school is designed to help students see themselves as children of God and enable each student to see their personal role and value in God’s world. Using the concepts of history and geography, middle school students at 1st Lutheran School take a trip through American history from the discovery of the new world to the present time and a world-wide journey from the beginning of mankind through the Renaissance. Fifth grade students learn the history of the United States through the Civil War. Sixth grade students study world history through the Renaissance. 


Upper elementary and Middle School Spanish classes delve more deeply into the language, variations among different Spanish-speaking regions, and similarities and differences between these peoples and our own. Beyond greetings and simple sentences, older students begin reading and conversing in the classroom with an almost total immersion classroom structure. Middle School students complete oral and written assignments comparable to more advanced levels in the local public schools. By the 6th grade, students are reading and understanding chapter books like the “Pobre Ana” series. Many 1st Lutheran students are able to test out of lower-level Spanish classes upon entering the public school system.


Every student in Middle School participates in band four days a week, choir twice a week, art once a week and produces two full-scale musicals every year. They also have other concerts and musical performances throughout the year. For more information, check out our Arts page.


Students spend 45 minutes on Wednesdays meeting with Coach Lee. Activities are based on helping students improve balance, coordination, strength, endurance, flexibility and mobility.


Students select one elective course per quarter. Currently, we offer Cooking 101, Pottery, Advanced Drama, Fiber Arts, Engineering, Gardening, Yearbook and more! Elective classes meet once per week.

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