The Prodigal Son Window shows the father receiving his penitent son in forgiveness (Luke 15).  Notice the angles in the background.  “There is joy in heaven over one sinner who repents…”  Luke 15:7.  Above the window is the symbol of the crossed keys.  This indicates the power of the keys given to the Church to forgive and retain sins.  (John 20:22,23)

This window is in memory of Mary TRIESCH WEGMAN (born 24 March 1831 in Selters, Hesse Darmstadt; died 5 April 1898 in Fort Smith).  She was married to Christopher WEGMAN (born 8 April 1816 in Vienna, Austria, buried in Fort Smith 28 August 1864).  The window was donated by their sons, Henry, Will, Rudolph and Conrad WEGMAN.  Among known living descendants are:  Great grandchildren, Madison Birnie BARRY, Harward M. BARRY, Rupert CONDREY, Robert GREENLEE, Keith GREENLEE, Doris HIGGS KAUFFMAN, all of Fort Smith; Great-great grandchildren, Henry “Dusty” Helbling and Mrs. Lucien (Judith HELBLING) SABIN, both of Fort Smith.








The Angel Window shows one of God’s ministering angels who obey His commands and serve the Christians, especially the children as indicated by the praying child at the top of the window.  (Psalm 103:20, 21; Heb. 1:14)

This window is a memory of Julius REICHERT (born ca 1821 in Bonn, Prussia; died 19 April 1883 in Fort Smith) and his wife Louisa (born ca 1831 in Prussia; died 6 January 1880 in Fort Smith).  It was donated by their son, August REICHERT.  Among known living descendants are:  Granddaughter, Mrs. Paul (Ethel Clara REICHERT) COLLINS, Fort Smith; great grandchildren Worth PADEN, Fort Smith; Mrs. J. Elmo (Bessie REICHERT) WISE, Fort Smith; Mrs. Clovis (Stella REICHERT) VANDERMILLION, Fort Smith; Mrs. Jack (Dymple REICHERT) SPRUILL, Wichita, Kansas; Edward G.REICHERT, Roland, Oklahoma; great-great grandchildren, Ann PADEN, Fort Smith; Patti PADEN MURDOCK, Denton, Texas; Dr. Ladson HINTON, Palo Alto, California; Mrs. Grady (Dana THOMPSON) ISTRE, Wilton, California; Mrs. Granville (Jill THOMPSON) HARPER, San Franciso, California; Mrs. Reaves (Kay THOMPSON) LEE, Atlanta, Georgia; Morgan REICHERT, Roland, Oklahoma, Michael REICHERT, Roland, Oklahoma; Charles Edward REICHERT, Roland, Oklahoma; Roger REICHERT, Roland, Oklahoma.


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