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“Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity.” - 1 Timothy 4:12


We understand that education involves the whole-child.  From intentionally designing spiritual life opportunities to providing leadership opportunities to after-school clubs and athletics and more, we want your child to have opportunities to develop their whole self.


1st Lutheran emphasizes student-driven opportunities that extend beyond day-to-day academics.





Board game club meets every Monday after school until 4pm. Students in 2nd-5th grade are welcome to attend. Board games provide an excellent opportunity to work on life skills such as turn-taking, strategizing, collaboration, accepting wins and losses, and creative thinking.  We have a variety of games to learn and play- from strategy games to lighter luck-based games.


Around 20 students attend each week and can be seen playing chess, Catan, Apples to Apples, Mastermind, Machi Koro, 5 Minute Dungeon, Splendor, Battleship, Farkle, Spot It, Kingdomino, Smallworld, and much more! Mrs. Merrill and Mr. Gerlach host the club in their classrooms.  



The 1st Lutheran Student Council plans and organizes service opportunities and events for students.  Our student council consists of a 5th grade president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. There are also student representatives from Grades 2-4.


Student council members focus on servant leadership, creativity, collaboration, responsibility and dedication. Student council meets once a month during lunch time to work on projects and plan for upcoming events. Elections are held yearly in October.



All 1st Lutheran students are offered the opportunity to participate in drama. 

Primary Drama Club

Students grades K-3 perform a musical in the fall. With a full set, costumes and sound amplification, these young students present a well-polished production. Beyond the cast on stage, the Choir which includes all students is a part of the production! Choir students often have costumes, and props in addition to the cast! They learn fun hand motions to many of our songs, and are an integral part of the entire production. 


Junior Drama Club

The Junior Drama Club is responsible for two full-scale musical productions each year, at Christmas and the Operetta in the Spring. When time allows, the Junior Drama Club has also presented  One Acts Festivals in the winter. Drama Club meetings and rehearsals are held after school, and are wonderful learning opportunities for students.  Not all students aspire to be actors. To address the desires of all students, we include creative and technical positions for these students.  There is a place for everyone in 1st Lutheran Drama!



Our students are immersed in a Christ-centered environment every day. From the beginning of the day to the end, Christ fills our day. We are daily reminded that we are children of God filled with character, whether it’s in how we interact with each other and deal with situations that arise and daily prayers or through our K-8th Christian Character Formation Project. All students participate in daily religion lessons, weekly chapel, Bible memory work in K-8th, and integration of our faith into all aspects of our learning. 


Since 1853, we have held to sharing the Gospel from our Lutheran understanding, but we are not only for Lutherans. In fact, only 13% of our families are Lutheran. We promise that your child will receive Christ-centered teaching rooted in Scripture. Lutheran doctrine is based on Scripture interpreting Scripture; you have the reassurance that the teachings we provide will be unchanging, not based on personal interpretation of society. We will root your child in Scripture.


1st Lutheran provides a daily hot lunch program for our students. We believe that eating habits formed early on can have a lasting influence. We offer two healthy options daily. Our cafeteria manager creates a well-balanced hot tray that includes a protein, grain, milk, fruit and vegetable. Our other option is a sack lunch program where students can select from a turkey sandwich or a peanut butter sandwich. Lunch options are not included in tuition.

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