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“God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good.  And there was evening and there was morning, the sixth day.” - Genesis 1:31


We recognize that creation, design, and artistic expression is at the core of God’s creative nature and seek to blend those elements into our well-rounded, Christ-centered curriculum.  The arts are not an afterthought in our program design.  We desire for students to use their full range of talents, developing confidence and skills in the arts.


1st Lutheran emphasizes the arts as a core component of our Christ-centered, student-driven education.



Early elementary students in K-2nd are exposed to many techniques and art processes during their time in Art classes by our certified Art teacher.  They learn the basics of color theory and the Elements of Art.  Students have fun creating their own works using these techniques.  Art classes meet once a week, with their work being displayed throughout the school all year. Art students leave class with a feeling of accomplishment through their individual expression.


Upper Elementary in 3rd-5th Art classes go beyond the basics of color theory and the Elements of Art.  Meeting weekly for close to an hour, we have the opportunity to learn art history from cave art to modern times.  We have a textbook which covers this information, as well as other resources. In Applied Art, students explore more advanced techniques and processes of art. From primitive clay work and cave paintings to computer-enhanced AI artwork, students gain a very wide education.  Upper elementary art classes are on a two-year cycle, beginning with cave art in year one, and concluding with computer aided design in year two.



Primary Choir enjoys learning the music for our 3 musicals each year, as well as opportunities to sing at 1st Lutheran Church, and other venues.  We learn and have fun demonstrating basic rhythms and musical concepts through games and activities. One of our favorite activities is Drum Circle where each child is given a percussion instrument, and through the process they are allowed to express themselves through music! In addition to learning the basics of music, we also explore music from other countries. We meet twice a week, with students looking forward to each class!


Middle School students learn music and rhythm reading, building on what was learned in Primary Choir. While also preparing for our musicals and singing engagements, older students learn proper singing techniques, the building blocks of music and music history. This group also explores music from other countries, enhancing the Music experience. Middle School students also learn to play the recorder. This is an awesome “leg up” preparing younger students for Band. The Drum Circle is also  enjoyed by this group as they expand their technique and expression through music.



Beginning Band

1st Lutheran students are involved in Band beginning in grade 5.  Students are exposed to the instruments through a “petting zoo” in which they actually learn to play each of the instruments offered.  After this one-on-one session with the director, the choice is made by the student, the director and the parents as to which instrument is chosen.  Beginning Band students learn quickly because of our flexible schedule enabling individual and sectional instruction. Beginning Band students perform in the Christmas Concert, Solo/Ensemble Festival, various chamber music opportunities, and the Spring Concert.


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