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Board of Elders

The Congregation of First Lutheran Church is divided into 12 geographic zones with one Elder in charge of each Zone. Realignment of zone boundaries or changes in the number of zones are considered/approved by the Voters’ Assembly.

Board of Elders Duties

(Source: First Lutheran Evangelical Church Constitution)

  • In conjunction with the Pastor(s), plan the spiritual program of the church.
  • Assist the Pastor(s) cultivate peace, love, and harmony among the members of the congregation as well as promote the general welfare of the congregation.
  • Consider cases of church discipline and bring them to a successful conclusion accordance with Matthew 18:15-20.
  • Welcome visitors at church services or other activities.
  • Make recommendations to the Voter’s Assembly in relation to calling a pastor.
  • Make recommendations to the Church Council on annual salary changes to the Pastor(s) and Church secretary(s) and prepare the annual Board of Elder’s budget.
  • Responsible for proper conduct of church services.
  • Visit those members who are inactive in Church attendance and communion.
  • Hold annual Elder zone meetings.
  • Manage any called worker(s), other than school faculty.